My apologies for the late release. Life got in the way and I lost track of the days. But fear no longer, here is the next episode. 

This episode, I am joined by some of the greatest minds in the paranormal: Al Santariga, Bryan Bowden and Justin Cancilliere join me on this roundtable discussion of dreams and interpretations. Honourables roundtable mentions are Erik Scerbak, co-host of ParaTruth Radio, and Jon Mallard of ODD to Newfoundland and Paranormal Hearts very own Oddities with Jon Mallard.

Al Santariga, Bronxville Paranormal:

Bryan Bowden, Inside the Goblin Universe:

Justin Cancilliere and Erik Scerbak, New Lantern Media:

Bryan Anderson, voice artist:

Spark Radio:

Jon Mallard, ODD to Newfoundland:


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