Ronald Murphy

HAPPY VALENTINE'S!!! In episode 16, I am joined by folklorist, actor, radio show host, author, cryptozoologist, the Crypto Guru himself, Mr. Ronald Murphy. We touch on various cryptids, some pertaining to the heart. I also announce a special contest for you all. Enjoy and good luck in the contest.

You can find Ronald Murphy here:


Katie Turner, paranormal investigator, psychic-medium and TV personality as psychic consultant on Paranormal Survivor:


In this bonus episode, I sit it on a roundtable discussion with friends and fellow podcasters, Justin Cancilliere of ParaTruth Radio and Beyond Reason, Bryan Bowden of NoBoBuMe Inside the Goblin Universe, Sysco Murdoch of Journey Through the Gate a Paranormal Podcast, Jonathan Mallard of ODD to Newfoundland. And we wish Sysco Murdoch a Happy Birthday. Check out our great singing skills lol.

David Guddy Jr.

HAPPY 2019!!!! In episode 14, David Guddy Jr., author of A Guest In My House, talks about the many spirits he's encountered and spoken to. From Greek Gods to angels to earthly spirits. 

Justin and Erik

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! In episode 13, I chat with Justin and Erik, hosts of ParaTruth Radio, about various cryptids and traditions of Christmas.

Jim Malliard

Episode 12 brings us to one year of Paranormal Heart. My guest, Jim Malliard, host of the Malliard Report, talks about his experiences he's has, some as young as 3 years old. We also talk a bit about his show, and how he got into podcasting. You can find Jim and his show at

Sysco Murdoch

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Episode 11 is spooktacular, as Sysco Murdoch, host of Journey Through the Gate podcast, shares her journey over the years with helping spirits. We also discuss a bit about her experiences at Gettysburg. You can find Sysco's show on YouTube with Conflict Radio as well as Black Swamp Digital Radio 

In episode 10, my guest Ninamarie Camarena, talks about dimensional stairs and various paranormal entities she's encountered.

Ron Yacovetti

In episode 9, Ron Yacovetti talks about the various paranormal teams he's been, with as well as some evidence e's experienced.


No new episode this month  :-( Please listen to this revisit of EP 1.

In episode 8, Dr. David Perrodin discusses a never before told experience of lost time and encountering a dimensional guide at Bascom Hall at the University of Wisconsin.

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