Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and much love and respect for whatever you celebrate this time of year. It's hard to believe this is the last episode.....of 2019. And I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed chatting with my guest. This month, my guest is host of Just Thinking, co-host of People Under the Stairs, clinical psychologist and adjunct professor of psychology, Mr. Stanley Wanglund. Stan and I look at the paranormal from a psychologists point of view, and he also shares a bizarre encounter of his own.

I also mention there will be some changes in the new year for the show. It won't be your monthly podcast any longer. I am happy to announce Paranormal Heart will now be on twice a month. 

I've given Jon some time off from the Oddities, but don't worry, I have a special guest narrator. Steve Stockton from 13 Past Midnight gives us some interesting yet creepy things for this time of year. Enjoy and have a safe and Happy New Year! Enjoy.

Stanley Wanglund:    

Just Thinking with Stan Wanglund:

People Under the Stairs podcast:

13 Past Midnight with Steve Stockton:

Bryan Anderson, voice artist:

Jon Mallard, ODD to Newfoundland:


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