In episode 10, my guest Ninamarie Camarena, talks about dimensional stairs and various paranormal entities she's encountered.

In episode 9, Ron Yacovetti talks about the various paranormal teams he's been, with as well as some evidence e's experienced.


No new episode this month  :-( Please listen to this revisit of EP 1.

In episode 8, Dr. David Perrodin discusses a never before told experience of lost time and encountering a dimensional guide at Bascom Hall at the University of Wisconsin.

EP7 Debbie

In episode 7, Debbie talks about various encounters with UFOs, aliens as well as ghosts in her home.

In episode 6, Alfred Santariga of the Bronxville Paranormal Society, discusses his experiences with demonic entities.

EP5 Mike Comeau

In episode 5, Mike Comeau talks about family paranormal experiences in Nova Scotia, Canada

In episode 4, my dear friend , Jonathan Mallard, and I have great fun talking about his research of EVP's. The book he wrote on the subject, Newfie EVP Talking with the Dead in Newfoundland.  This is a two part segment, with the first part on Jonathan's show ODD to Newfoundland. Listen to part 1 here

EP3 Lisa

In episode 3, Lisa talks about her fathers spirit contacting her and other strange experiences. 

In episode 2, we end 2017 with Ileata Kinley, who discusses her experiences as a paranormal investigator and the research she's doing for her book on Haunted Nebraska. 

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